O is for online shopping

The digital age has seen the rise of many activities that used to require you to leave the house, but can now be done from the comfort of your couch. That of course includes my most favorite thing to do, and that’s Shoppiiiiiiiiiing.
To be honest I am always super excited when it comes to shopping but it’s always a turn off when I remember that I have to flock to crowded shopping spaces suffering from hot and cold days.(I mean you all know how it goes down here kwisoko),

While instead I could spend as long as I want, all day if needs be, shopping online while enjoying the warmness of my couch or bed or whatever comfortable place.

If you spent your entire life here in Rwanda like in my case, online shopping was not part of the choices I had growing up, the only possible way was to use other online stores in America or Europe. Which takes like forever to get here and you are not quite sure of the quality and the sizes since we don’t use the same standard clothing sizes.

I remember I used to search all the products that I wish to buy and put in cart. But at the time of payment I would leave the site because of bad brainwashed thoughts from people and guys these MEMES I see on the internet can scare you.

Until few months ago I was introduced to RONKOS and without second thoughts I immediately tried it because first they have a mobile friendly site, as I am always running errands it was much easier for me to browse while am still doing me. Second they were located in my city which meant that I would not have problems with the delivery and third they were selling only products made in Rwanda so I had an idea about the quality I was getting.

So I got myself this SUGI wallet in leather from DOKMAI and few minutes after I purchased it, I got a call from RONKOS confirming my order, and to be honest I was amazed because I was not in a million years  expecting such a quick response and nice service. I remember I immediately went back to the site, because with such a great service I was tempted to go back and buy other items.

I was supposed to get my order after 3 days and I trusted them to deliver on the expected time that I was informed of, but on my surprise again I got my order the next day, guys with what happened I think  I’m purchasing almost everything from online only.

Photographer: Fabien Mweze

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