Hellurr people,

There’s no denying that the African sun is the best, yet it’s got a major downside that only fashion lovers could understand: it somehow affect your style-game! And that, my dear friend… sucks. But for heat survival reasons our fabulous VESTS are one of fashion’s biggest  blessings to make a look more eclectic, versatile, to cover up without looking all bundled up, to make use of personal style, to get creative, to stay warm, but strip it off when needed as well… I can go on, so on, and on, and on, and to be honest sometimes less is best.

For this particular shoot, I had very little time to come up with a concept, it was planned at the last minute, and if you take a look at my previous shoots, especially the poses (cough cough lol ) this is not my usual cup of tea but whatever( eyes rolled) variety can be good right? And Fabien (the photographer) made it a lot easier by making me work it, like yassssssss girl lol

Tell me what you think about this one.

Photographer: Fabien Mweze

Love and Style









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