When MAXI DRESSES broke into fashion few years ago, it seems to me that every human being lol to walk this planet wore a maxi dress during the day at one point. Not me though. Not then anyway. mainly because back in the days I never really got the hang of them, and most of them made me look skinnier, slimmer, leaner, arghhhh I seriously hated that.

but I started wearing maxi dresses when I gained a little weight “don’t laugh I was worse than this lol ” and when I laid my eyes on this one, Hallelujah’s, thank you’s and Amens were the only words coming out of my mouth , I just knew nothing could go wrong with this piece, cause seriously the loooong day-time gown” not specifically this one I mean everything in the category” is a true blessing for all women.

It’s the easiest trick to look chic, stay cool under the heat, and perfect for those cover up days. and you can do exactly the opposite of what I did here and still Pair them with sophisticated shoes, , “had a long day ahead”.

Photographer: Michel lunanga

love and Style









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