It’s always great when you come across an item that speaks your language fluently (can I get an amen?).
A leather pencil skirt such as this,  is an essential piece for every woman’s wardrobe.
On days that require a quick day-to-night change up, pairing a tee with a pencil skirt is one of my favorite quick and dirty combinations. During the day, you can keep the jewelry to a minimum for a more polished chic look. After hours, you can lay on the jewels, roll up your sleeves in case its a shirt you are pairing it with, strategically untuck your shirt, pull out a sparkly clutch and hit the town. There’s really nothing simpler. For a date night you can also just add a full lenght nude coat  (mostly with this weather in kigali smh ) and you are good to go.
To me sexy come from the appeal, the way you walk, talk(especially think), smell and etc. But, an adorable yet chic leather pencil skirt that hugs you in the right places (not in my case right now, i am still trying to gain weight) speaks fashion and sexy at the same time, so If you don’t own a leather pencil skirt yet, it’s time to get on it.

Photographer: Michel lunanga

love and Style













4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fred The Red says:

    Fantabulous(fantastic and I love the work you are doing. Women get up and read this…


    1. umwali belyse says:



  2. Denise K says:

    make up of fleek, In love with everythin


    1. umwali belyse says:

      Thank you thank you 😘😘😘


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