Chic comfort

In collaboration with one of the pioneer blogger in Rwanda we are bringing you the white blazer,(well that clearly sounded like a movie trailer lol).

anyways blazers are a classic statement in any women wardrobe. It can instantly define your look and add sophistication to any ensemble; it is a go-to item for every outfit, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

The beauty of a blazer is that it is work appropriate, but can also be transitioned into drinks with friends or, in this case, jeans for a casual look. Adding a blazer makes the outfit a little more chic and put together. I absolutely love this white blazer, the sad part is that, usually people find it intimidating and can only be comfortable throwing on black blazers and can’t pull off a white blazer, Yes, it’s less practical and you have to be careful with that morning coffee,

But White is always a great warm-weather or cold weather option as it’s light and can bring a sharp edge to any look. P’s ‘When wearing a white blazer with jeans, or any kind of denim, keep the sleeves pulled up for a chic result’.

Love and style.



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