Take over

Hello guys , I know I’ve been taking a long time before uploading , well some responsibilities are getting in the way but of cause I cannot forget about my first love lol, so moving on with the outfit guys SHIRTDRESSES took over my whole closet! Like its game of shirtdresses in my closet. Well before when I was thinking about hhhmmm you know sexy, comfortable and classy, shirtdresses never came into my mind until I started trying them out and afterwards I felt inloveeeeee, for instance this tee kind of dress is the most comfortable thing ever, it can work between our hectic days and relaxing evenings especially for this hot season, and you can go from heels to sneakers with it, actually on second thoughts I think I should have wore sneakers instead for this shoot , also when I look at the pictures I think I am taking this too serious ,I think I should start smiling more in the pictures! Right? Lol

Love and style

Location: Meze fresh

Photographer: Michel Lunanga








2 Comments Add yours

  1. LIIV says:

    Girl! Shirtdresses were made for you!! The sunglasses tho! In love


  2. umwali belyse says:

    Mad fat love for you 😘😘


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