My top 5 restaurants for Valentine’s Day


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, am bringing you some places (restaurants to be specific) to be, wine and dine with your better half at these following places.

Urban boutique hotel has a beautiful restaurant offering a classy all day dining experience, well I am that kind of person that not only likes a place because of the good food, but also the furniture, decoration and dinnerware, when they served me wine I felt in love with their glasses, I certainly felt like Olivia pope and that famous wine glass she uses.


Zen is also a classy dinning space which serves a contemporary oriental menu. The atmosphere is sometimes a little flat and quite which I definitely like I guess if you like a fired-up energy you won’t immediately fit in. I surely like the fact that it has a modern look plus the décor and lighting is excellent.


Some restaurant are so pretty that even if the food taste bad (which is not the case here) it would still be worth the experience, with poivre noire you get that experience plus their burgers are mouth-watering And absolutely love the French bistro look. So enjoy Valentine’s Day in our little PARIS in Kigali.


I love the African vibe you get there, I don’t know if it’s those kitenge table mats or the fact that they have traditional dance performance once in a while but I feel like there is an African influence\vibe that stretches far beyond. The décor is very modern African so enjoy with your loved ones a very relaxed vibe.




Well, I haven’t been there yet, but it is a place I would definitely want to go to, I follow them on face book and I absolutely like what I see. I was a bit hesitating to eat there because I’ve known the place for some time and didn’t go given that one actually two of my friends informed me that It was a bit too pricey, but guess what? Valentine’s Day only comes once a year.



My warm wish is that may you all find happiness in yourself and In your relationship no matter what stage you are at, whether single, in a joyful union or recovering from a broken heart.
Happy Valentine’s Day
Love and style


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  1. LIIV says:

    No more headaches for me! Thanks to u baby girl❤❤❤


    1. umwali belyse says:

      You are welcome fly mama

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