Whenever they say award shows I am more hipped and excited about the red carpet and what people are going to wear and the AMA’s red carpet was quite a show itself

Spent Last Sunday in doors and it was all about girlfriend + wine + food + movies so am in a good mood and shape to talk about fashion

Am starting with how CIARA slayed that dress from the shoes to the make up,the hair , the length of the dress everything was on point. my other favorite red carpet moment was Giuliana Rancic i loved how that bold dark lipstick matched the dress plus we also know that Darker lipstick hues tend to make thin lips appear thinner. DEMI LOVATO i loved the dress but i felt like the make up and hair was way too dramatic for the AMA’s. our cute ZENDAYA showered us with some color but i think this outfit is cute for the teen choice awards but am just saying. MEGHAN TRAINOR played it too safe this time i feel like she should have injected a dose of fun to the dress. the sisters KENDAL and KYLIE i am not going to talk about their outfits rather talk about kendal’s smokey eye because it left me wowwing , Like the little black dress, the smoky eye is timelessly sexy plus did you notice that KARRUECHE also had the same hairstyle as kendal oooohhh. SELENA GOMEZ everything was on fleek why did you wear that red thing (yes it’s a thing). CHLOE GRACE MORETZ whoever you live with why did he/she let you out the house looking like that knowing that you are going to the AMA’s and going to pose on the red carpet. last but not list GWEN STEFANI should i say something or you guys know what i am thinking already Lol.






 love and style


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