Taking stock


photography: fleury pro

I decided to start a new series picked up from Sharon Mundia of This Is Ess, I would like some way to document my thoughts and I also thought it would make the blog a bit more personal, let me know what you guys think, (I am good at giving bitchy faces around the place but I actually care about what people are thinking lol) lets go

Making: lists in my journal that I plan to occupy my time accomplishing (let’s hope it does not end with making the lists lol)

Cooking: absolutely nothing because I am lazy AF now. Don’t worry; I am alive so food is coming from somewhere

Wanting: a plane ticket to an exotic location with my best friend. Oh and make that business class. Glam Glam don’t want to feel pain when I get there

Loving: home made food because I’ve been having healthy and delicious food at the same time, you know when they say healthy usually its not good but am getting both

Marveling: at the shoes I accumulated recently but haven’t worn them yet (still looking for THE occasion to wear them). I could fall asleep in the midst of them for happiness and comfort

Knowing: that my journey for the next short period of my life will be difficult but I can do it, because frankly I have no choice. If I plan to be great, then I better gear up for it.

Feeling: a lot of emotions in this transition stage of my life but trying to be brave

Playing: “like am gonna lose you” by JL and MT (long names: p). There is just something about this song that makes me miss my best friend (who’s on the other side of the world) so bad

Wasting: no time on bullshit and negativity

Wondering: how my life with a puppy would be. Yes boos, planning on getting a puppy, not soon though!!

Bookmarking: more of bum and squat exercises because I figure that if I cannot gain weight as fast as I want to, gaining a bigger booty will compensate no? lol I just want to gain weight that’s all, literally I look like a walking bone .

Giggling: At the fact that I just mentioned the above thoughts concerning bookmarking lol! But honestly, I think I have a problem.

Watching: Scandal – now trucking through Season five and still totally obsessed!

Thank you very much

love and style


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gloria says:

    well i didn’t know you’ve a great sense of style :)) was wondering why i like you!! and yo silly too….i lovvv loool, so allow me to spread the word!!! (am going to advertise you right now) 🙂 good luck girllll… u got yoself a fan already


    1. umwalibelyse says:

      Thank you so much, this means alot to me, thank you thank you thank you, planning on doing this and even more


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