What’s in my bag

Recently my close friend taught me how to organize  my bag and how important it was because i had the messiest bag ever, i could trow  anything and everything in it, i was wasting  time looking for something , it was almost like looking for a pin in the grass so thx D.

so i learned that having several small bag to keep in different things can be practical, so that next time i was looking for something i could immediately know where to find it.

lately i have been walking around with this big bag, (trust me you can fit in a whole house), even though big bags tends to still the whole show.


anyways, i always have a fashion magazine in my bag, you never know when or where you meet a Queue, it kills time and update me on some new trends to follow, if you are not a big fan of fashion get a good book or anything else interesting to keep you company while you wait, (why not candy crush,)


i also have in, my wallet where i keep my cards and other paper stuff (p’s don’t  steal my wallet cause i never keep my money in it lol)


i also have in, a small kitenge bag i got from the expo gikondo i loved the print and i ended up buying it  because it was so cheap, am that person that simply buys something because it’s so cheap( bad habit ), i keep in papers, gums and money (now you know what you can steal instead lol)  anything small is kept there.


the last small bag contains my daily beauty products ( which are not many )i’ve got teeth product,lipstick,hair ties, lip balm (i don’t know why i always walk around with  thousands of them), lotion (i hate when my hands are dry), sun glasses (i always have two pairs because my best friend always forgets to bring her sunglasses, it became a habit )i have in meds also cause you never know lol.




for a fact i just noticed that i need to get cases for my glasses before they brake, last but not list am sorry for the resolution of the pictures still looking for a camera


love and style


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Uwase_m says:

    Beautiful keep it up now i know where to find your money lol


    1. umwalibelyse says:

      Hahahahahhahaha thank you alot
      P’s I changed where I usually kept it lol


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